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Hence, the continuing education of professionals, whatever their field of activity, is becoming more important in order to adapt to the constant and profound changes that society and, in particular, the labor market are experiencing. However, not all people have the financial resources – or the backing of their current companies, if they are employed – to access specialized training in their area of activity. Therefore, to help people progress, Banco Santander advocates the idea of Lifelong Learning through the Santander Scholarships.

Like Elisa, Anahí Sánchez, a graduate in Social Work, was also aware of the need to improve her skills in this field and decided to participate in the call for Santander Scholarships for Digital Training-Professional Skills, from Banco Santander, given by Duke University.

Jorge Omar Gutiérrez, a medical graduate from the Autonomous University of Baja California, joined them. Jorge has a special interest in generating changes in his environment: he knows the problems of his region, he has experienced them personally and intends to use his training and knowledge to work on solutions.

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Employee experience: promoting the commitment and motivation of the teams through initiatives that encourage listening, a new, more flexible way of working that favors work-life balance, as well as a healthy environment within the framework of Be Healthy.

55% are women, with 33% of women on the Board of Directors and 21% in senior management, above the European average and that of large listed companies in the European Union, and above the standards set by the Code of Good Governance for 2020.

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The current intelligent revolution brings with it the need to transform traditional training processes. The Santander Group has opted for Hypermedia Learning services to achieve this.

Together, we have generated working groups and synergies that transform Santander’s training excellence to the new hypermedia reality. Our result responds to efficiency criteria, optimizing all of Santander’s training contents and resources and adapting them to new formats.

Through the Hypermedia Factory’s Contributive Model, the best practices of the Group’s own employees are used so that the rest can learn. In short, we work so that more than 200,000 Santander Group employees have the best hypermedia learning content.

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