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law 40/2015

In this context, the State must strengthen cooperation with the territorial Administrations that have the responsibility to exercise in their respective areas the direct competence in housing matters, adopting a series of urgent measures that contribute to improve the regulatory framework to increase the supply of rental housing, balancing the legal position of the landlord and the tenant in the leasing relationship, establishing the necessary economic and fiscal stimuli, and having the goal of guaranteeing the exercise of the constitutional right to housing.

Faced with this challenge, the need to adapt the regulatory framework has led different social and political agents to promote changes in the regulation, some of which are currently in the parliamentary process, and which highlight the urgency and describe the seriousness of the situation that many households are currently experiencing in the face of the housing problem.

In view of the foregoing, and without prejudice that future legislative initiatives may complete the regulation on housing, addressing structural aspects, general principles and guarantees that ensure equality in the exercise of this right in the State as a whole, it is essential to urgently adopt a regulation with the rank of law that allows the amendment of different regulatory provisions to adopt certain measures that have a high degree of social consensus and do not admit delay, as they affect the exercise of the constitutional right to decent and adequate housing of many households.

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This royal decree-law consists of an expository part and an operative part structured as follows: chapter I (articles 1 and 2), a chapter II (articles 3 and 4), a chapter III (article 5), a chapter IV (article 6), a chapter V (article 7), an additional provision, three transitory provisions and three final provisions.

Thus, firstly, this Royal Decree-Law amends Article 35 of Law 9/2017, of November 8, to include, as a minimum content of contracts, the express reference to the submission to national and European Union regulations on data protection.

Seventh, article 5 seven of the royal decree-law redrafts article 215.4 of Law 9/2017, relating to subcontracting, to include, among the obligations of the main contractor, that of assuming full responsibility for the execution of the contract vis-à-vis the Administration also with regard to the obligation to submit to national and European Union regulations on data protection.

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– When the lessor is a legal entity, the lessor will be responsible for the real estate management and contract formalization expenses, and no agreement to the contrary will be admitted. The criterion of freedom of agreement is maintained when the lessor is a legal entity.

– The Civil Procedure Law is amended so that lease proceedings are processed by amount and not by subject matter, except in cases of eviction and rent claims, which will continue to be processed by the special verbal trial.

In order that the communities of owners may limit or condition the exercise of the activity, or establish special quotas or increases in the participation of the common expenses, the favorable vote of three fifths of the total of the owners who, in turn, represent three fifths of the participation quotas, will be required.

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compartirTweetOn March 6, the new regulation decree-law 7/2019 on housing and renting came into force. All housing rental contracts signed as of today must include the modifications included by the Government.

This is the second decree on housing and rentals promoted by the same government in just two months. The first one was in force for about a month, until it was repealed by Congress (from December 15 to January 24). And the second was published yesterday in the Official State Gazette (BOE), after being approved last Friday in the Council of Ministers.

In order to exercise the right to recover the rented property before the end of the contract, the owner must allege causes such as the need to use it as permanent housing for himself or first-degree relatives.

In addition, the judicial body will have to assess the vulnerability of those affected and inform the social services. Until now, the procedure was practically the other way around. It was the defendant who informed the social services, which, in case of vulnerability, informed the court.

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