Jose luis de castro

jose luis castro, lawyer, on the recovery of law.

More than 15,000 runners crowded the streets of Barcelona for the 42nd edition of the Zurich Marató de Barcelona. A race that became the most crowded race in the city after the pandemic, and which was historic as the two records of the circuit were broken.

Catherinne Poletti, the director of the UTMB Group, analyzes the expansion of the UTMB World Series, its new races, its future plans and the accelerated growth process of the French giant in an interesting interview with Albert Jorquera.

Black Friday 2021 is, without a doubt, a great occasion to buy Trail Running shoes. Different terrains, runners, distances, rhythms… what a racket! So what Trail Running shoes should I buy that are discounted on this Black Friday 2021?

Without a doubt, this Black Friday 2021 is a great opportunity to buy running shoes. Ok, fine, but what running shoes should I buy that are on sale on this Black Friday 2021?

josé luis castro speaking at radio san borja (in spanish)

The function that has been assigned to him involves deciding is to watch over and guarantee the rights of people who are incarcerated or subject to the penitentiary regime. Given the competencies of the National Court, it must address this matter in matters of terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, economic crimes….

I have been hit from all sides. I believe that the penitentiary judge is the one who receives more blows. This is easy to understand. People want to see people who commit crimes in jail. Sometimes it is not hard to understand that the legislation we have given ourselves establishes a series of requirements that make it possible for a person to be released from prison.

However, this idea of the enforcement judge in the penitentiary field was born lame because the 1979 law did not give him all the competences, nor have these competences been developed a posteriori. And this is one of the current problems of this jurisdiction.

To all kinds of rights. We are talking about fundamental rights, as well as all those ordinary rights that are a consequence of a deprivation of liberty: let us think that the person who is in prison is deprived of liberty but keeps all his rights.

luis de castro another spring

The central judge of Penitentiary Surveillance that leads the cases of terrorism or organized crime and minors of the National Court has explained to Cadena SER that the decision of his counterpart, the magistrate Florencio de Marcos, of the Court of penitentiary surveillance nº1 of Valladolid “is a sensible and prudent measure whose purpose is to resocialize the inmate”.

It only requires a planning of the center and the Treatment Board so that these profiles of second degree can perform an external activity that has a specific duration, usually eight hours maximum overnight in the center and that ultimately avoids that distance from reality which is what we intend. It is a matter of recovering the subject with this treatment program.

josé luis castro, executive director of the union

With this interview we intend to bring you a little closer to the San Juan de Buenavista project and the person who manages the livestock operations, José Luis García de Castro. No, it is not the same as visiting the farm and shaking hands with José Luis (what are you waiting for?), but it is quite similar because on this occasion we have asked José Luis to get in front of a camera and talk to us about his project while he is with the animals, in the field. And that’s what he did.

While José Luis explains many details of pastured chicken production, it’s nice to see the animals moving around at their leisure, some exploring the green meadow while most of them take advantage of the shade of the mobile shelter that protects them from the scorching summer sun (the video was recorded last weekend, at the end of July 2017).

If after watching the video you feel like supporting this project by buying their products, San Juan de Buenavista is currently having a steer and pastured chicken sale open only until this Sunday, August 6. Although no mention is made of steer in the video (we will dedicate another video to it later), San Juan de Buenavista’s beef production methods are just as respectful as those of chicken, so we encourage you to make a joint purchase and try both types of meat.

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