Vereda del fraile 2017

The rain begins

It was delimited in 1929, and later was again delimited by resolution of April 12, 2007 (BOJA of May 22) between the Green Belt (just above La Aduana) and the end of the municipality, except for the urban area of Las Jaras.

By resolution of July 20, 1999 (BOJA of August 19) was disaffected the section that runs along the extension of the Avenida de la Cruz de Juárez and by resolution of December 18, 2014 (BOJA of February 3, 2015) the area included in the PPN-3, that is, since it separates from the Calle Huerta de Hierro until reaching the Cerrillo.

The route of this cattle route coincides with an ancient Roman road (Camino del Pretorio), which seems to be that its main mission would have been the exploitation of mining in Roman and Arab times, and the proof is in the preserved bridges.

The cattle track is cut when crossing the farm La Priorita, despite numerous complaints made, which can lead to having to walk along the road, which is very dangerous due to the lack of visibility and shoulder.

Vereda del fraile 2017 – patrocina deportes cronos sonseca

26/09/17. Con el lema ‘Toma el camino de la vida saludable’, la Concejalía de Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Caravaca de la Cruz pone en marcha una nueva edición del Programa municipal de Senderismo ‘D’Ruta’, con salidas, de diferentes niveles de dificultad, a parajes y zonas naturales de la comarca de la Montaña y provincias limítrofes. La Concejalía de Deportes promueve esta actividad, que se desarrolla mensualmente del mes de octubre al mes de mayo, para combatir el sedentarismo y promover hábitos de vida saludables entre la población, a través de la práctica del deporte en la naturaleza.

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Route of 60 kms | new decree of the mayor of neiva

Route by the south zone of Madrid that runs by tracks and cattle routes in perfect condition to roll as fast as you want. A circular route that has in the town of Navalcarnero as the most distant and picturesque point. The passage through Mostoles and Leganés is done by bike lanes, dangerous places because pedestrians do not usually respect these roads.

El Bercial is a neighborhood that was formerly surrounded by countryside, which allows us to enter immediately to ride on the roads. At the beginning we have to climb the deposit of Buenavista to meet Chino who was waiting for us next to the Verdecora, as soon as we picked him up he positioned himself at the head of the group imposing a strong pace that sometimes was difficult to follow. Soon we reached the Polvoranca Park leaving behind the hermitage of San Pedro. A bridge lifts us over the M-50 transporting us a little further on to the famous industrial park where the Coca-Cola bottling plant is located. We pass through the entrance and see all the banners and posters in support of the workers and their families, the truth is that it is impressive to see. Further on we have to go back up a bridge to reach Loranca.

El carmen de chucuri [official] santander, colombia

La Colada de la Costa is a path that takes advantage of a coastal cattle route and crosses the cliffs in front of the coast from Tarifa to Algeciras and runs through coastal pastures and low scrubland areas.

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This route focuses its interest on the impressive views of the African continent (clouds permitting, of course) and especially the abrasion platforms in the intertidal zones, formations of sedimentary origin composed of alternating hard layers of material (limestone, slate or sandstone), interspersed with other softer (loams and clays). These formations are known as flysch, a German term that means something like “slippery ground” and are characteristic phenomena in few places in the world, these that we will see are part of the known as Flysch of the Campo de Gibraltar.

This first section coincides with the path “Cerro del Tambor”, and has a length of about 4.5 kilometers along a gravel track and crosses a couple of streams. This first one that we see (or rather imagine) is the Arroyo de la Ventilla, a stream completely covered with weeds. WP