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Second Chamber. Ruling 173/2011, November 7, 2011. Constitutional remedy 5928-2009. Filed by Mr. Carlos Trabajo Rueda against the Judgments of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court of Seville that convicted him of a crime of corruption of minors. Alleged violation of the rights to a trial with all the guarantees, to the presumption of innocence and to privacy: constitutionally justified access to computer files without the consent of their owner. Individual opinion.

Thus, in the folder “My documents/my images” the defendant kept 17 videos and more than 3,000 photographs of pedophile content, and in the folder “eMule/Incoming” he stored more than 140 videos and more than 150 photographs of child pornography.

In short, it is difficult to invoke the right to privacy when the defendant’s own actions strongly indicate that he had no intention or will to preserve for his intimate, exclusive and personal sphere any of the files he kept on his computer, as they were accessible to anyone who connected to the Internet to the same exchange network”.

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By order of September 27, 2005, the Third Section of this Court agreed, in accordance with art. 37.1 LOTC, to hear the State Attorney General so that within ten days he could argue what he deemed appropriate on the admissibility of the question of unconstitutionality raised, due to possible non-compliance with the procedural requirements and in case it could be notoriously unfounded.

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By means of a letter registered on February 15, 2006, the President of the Senate communicated that the Presiding Officers of the Chamber had agreed to appear in the present constitutional proceeding and to offer its collaboration for the purposes of art. 88.1 LOTC. On February 23, 2006, the President of the Congress of Deputies submitted a letter communicating the Agreement of the Chamber’s Board by which he neither appeared nor made allegations in the present constitutional proceeding, placing at the disposal of the Court any actions that it might require.

On March 1, 2006, the State Attorney General filed a brief in which he reproduced the allegations made in his previous brief of October 24, 2005, requesting that a judgment be handed down declaring that the law in question does not violate Articles 10, 14 and 24.2 EC.

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State Trading Corporation of India Ltd es una empresa de comercio internacional propiedad del Gobierno de la India. La empresa se dedica a la exportación, la importación y el comercio nacional de una serie de productos, tanto agrícolas como no agrícolas. Exporta cereales alimentarios, aceite de ricino, café, anacardos y té e importa lingotes de oro, vanaspati y aceites comestibles, legumbres, hidrocarburos, metales y minerales y fertilizantes. La empresa tiene una filial, a saber, STCL Ltd (anteriormente conocida como Spice Trading Corporation of India Ltd).

State Trading Corporation of India Ltd se constituyó en el año 1956. Durante los primeros años, la empresa trataba con los países de Europa del Este, pero ahora comercian con casi todos los países del mundo. La empresa ha desarrollado una gran experiencia en la gestión del comercio internacional a gran escala.

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Durante el año 1994-95, la empresa comenzó a comerciar con artículos como el arroz, el trigo, el café, el licor extranjero fabricado en la India, el sándalo y el aceite, y durante el año 1995-96, entraron en nuevas áreas de negocio como la importación directa de fertilizantes, metales no ferrosos y aceite de queroseno. En el comercio nacional, ampliaron sus actividades en áreas como el arroz, el trigo, el café, el anacardo, el tabaco y el caucho.

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