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But I have been pointing out, with a minimum of municipal experience, that such a solid construction is, however, of little use to the City Councils, which would prefer that which, initially and fleetingly, the Constitutional Court adopted, by seeing in the guarantee of local autonomy the need for “its own exclusive powers” (STC 4/1981, of February 2), or the defense of “an exclusive sphere of competence” (STC 14/1981, of April 28), a criterion radically corrected as from the aforementioned STC 32/1981, of July 28.

The recent STC of March 3, 2016, first after a saga of appeals not always accumulated against the Law of Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration (LRSAL), addresses not a few issues of competence; it consolidates its permissive doctrine with the state provisions on mergers and, if I may, on the issue of inframunicipal entities, wanting to be mannerist it applies fat brush and, with regard to the loss of legal personality, it approaches the birth of the mounts. It is to be expected that, when comparing Law 27/2013 with Statutes, approved by Organic Law, where the legal personality of these decentralized entities is expressly recognized, a little more care will be taken. Obviously, that the state legislator could not specify whether the death certificate of these minor entities was issued by a government body or by the autonomous Parliament was known even to a first year law student, even under the Bologna plan.

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Domestic flight SY7263 by Sun Country Airlines serves route within United States (STC to MSP). Flight leaves Saint Cloud on 24 November 22:30 (10:30 pm) and arrives at Minneapolis, St Paul on 25 November 00:00 (0:00 am). Flight duration 1h 30m.

Domestic flight SY301 by Sun Country Airlines serves route within United States (MSP to PIE). Flight departs Minneapolis, St Paul terminal “2” on 25 November 06:35 (6:35 am) and arrives Saint Petersburg, St Petersburg on 25 November 10:37 (10:37 am). Flight duration 3h 02m.

Domestic flight G41981 by Allegiant Air serves route within United States (PIE to HGR). Flight departs Saint Petersburg, St Petersburg on 25 November 12:48 (12:48 pm) and arrives at Hagerstown, Wash County on 25 November 15:06 (3:06 pm). Flight duration 2h 18m.

Domestic flight SY7261 by Sun Country Airlines serves route within United States (STC to MSP). Flight leaves Saint Cloud on 24 November 19:45 (7:45 pm) and arrives at Minneapolis, St Paul on 24 November 21:15 (9:15 pm). Flight duration 1h 30m.

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In the appeal of unconstitutionality brought by fifty-six Senators represented by Commissioner Mr. José María Mohedano Fuertes, against various precepts of the Articulated and Consolidated Text of the Laws of Bases of Local Regime of July 17, 1945 and December 3, 1953, approved by Decree of June 24, 1955; of the Law of Bases of National Health of November 25, 1944; of the Law of Bases of National Health of November 25, 1944; of the Law of Forestry of June 8, 1957; of the partial Articulated Text, approved by Royal Decree of October 6, 1977, of Law 41/75 of Bases of the Statute of Local Regime; and against Base 33, second paragraph, of the same, an appeal in which the Government has appeared represented by the State Attorney; the Judge Mr. Rafael Gómez-Ferrer Morant being the Speaker.

By resolution of October 15, 1980, it was agreed to admit the claim for processing and to transfer the same to the Congress of Deputies, the Senate and the Government, so that within a period of fifteen days they could appear in the proceedings and formulate the allegations they deemed appropriate.

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Plenary. Judgment 44/2017, April 27, 2017. Appeal of unconstitutionality 2002-2014. Filed by more than fifty deputies, members of the Socialist Parliamentary Groups; IU, ICV-EUIA, CHA, la Izquierda Plural; Unión Progreso y Democracia and Mixed with respect to various precepts of Law 27/2013, of 27 December, on rationalization and sustainability of local administration. Local autonomy, reservation of organic law and competences on local regime: partial extinction of the constitutional process, interpretation in accordance with the Constitution of the precept relating to the coordination by the provincial councils of municipal competences (SSTC 41/2016 and 111/2016).

(i) Article 1.5 of Law 27/2013, which redrafts art. 13 of the Ley reguladora de las bases de régimen local (LBRL), relating to the modification of the regime of creation, suppression and merger of municipalities, exceeds the state bases of article 149.1.18 CE and violates article 148.1.2 CE, which exclusively attributes to the Autonomous Communities the competence for the alteration of municipal boundaries. The very nature of the basics prevents a detailed regulation of the merger of municipalities, including procedural and organizational aspects.

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