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The new Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage will be Patricia del Pozo Fernández, a Sevillian with extensive political experience both at party level and in institutions such as the Congress of Deputies and the Andalusian Parliament. Del Pozo is one of the most trusted people of the former president of the PP-A, Javier Arenas.

Since she joined in January 1996 to the Legal Advisor of the Popular Group in the Parliament, Patricia del Pozo has assumed several responsibilities in the party. In 1999 she was appointed institutional technical coordinator of the PP-A, leading the Legal Counsel of the Party at regional level and the Municipal Legal Counsel.

Between 2008 and 2018 she has been an autonomous deputy in the Parliament of Andalusia, where she has served as deputy spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group and member of the Bureau of the House holding the positions of Second Vice President, Second Secretary and First Secretary of the same.

Regional government of andalusia ministry of culture

After the visit to the municipal facilities and the signature in the Book of Honor of the Town Hall by Mrs. Councilor, we moved to the Mudejar style mill located in the Hacienda de La Motilla of our town, where everyone has been delighted with the state of conservation of the same.

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Finally, the Mayoress has conveyed her thanks on behalf of the people of Huévar del Aljarafe to Ms. Councillor for her kindness and concern for all the historical and cultural heritage of our town.

The Hacienda Motilla is located in the town center and belongs to the Marquis de la Motilla, a title of nobility granted in 1679 to Alonso Fernandez de Santillan y Quesada. It is located next to the Parish Church and has a beautiful red brick façade, a palm tree garden and a room with wooden roofs, as well as an 18th century Arab mill in a perfect state of preservation.

President andalusia

This was stated by the Minister this past Wednesday in the heart of the Commission of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Parliament of Andalusia, to the questions of the PSOE regional deputy Francisco Javier Fernandez.

Already this past Wednesday, the Socialist Francisco Javier Fernandez insisted on the matter, again in the Parliamentary Commission of Culture and Historical Heritage, recalling that these megalithic monuments “are still closed” to visitors and, moreover, lack their own people on account of the retirement of one of the employees and the union release of another.

In view of this, the counselor has reiterated that the closure of the enclave derives from the “impossibility” of enabling it for visits, given its characteristics and the precautions against the pandemic, thus invoking the “health security”. Thus, he recalled the “narrow” of the corridors of both ‘tholos’, in addition to the absence of ventilation in them and the recommendation of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH) to “avoid spraying directly with disinfectant” the surfaces of the monuments.

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Patricia del pozo fernández 2021

“We do not understand that this situation can occur,” he said, hoping that “from the Ministry to ensure compliance with the Law of Democratic Memory. That the preliminary report evolves “is something that happens continuously” and the result of “the attempt to hide the graves of Franco’s regime, that is why it is so hard to find the graves”.

“The Almadén grave needs protection from the Junta de Andalucía, which has competences, so that both the tastings and the exhumation can be carried out” and to “guarantee the rights of those who have relatives among the victims of this grave”, he stressed. The “concern” for the blockage cannot respond to the fact that “the investigation process has brought new contributions”.

The memorialist collective has also urged the Parliamentary Group Ciudadanos, party to which Carlos Raigada belongs, “to know the position of its mayor, breaking the law”. The Memory Coordinator also urges the Andalusian Government to include the Almadén grave in the Map of Graves, where it does not appear, “after informing the mayor of the testimony of a direct witness who locates it inside the cemetery”.